Resources for Masons

A collection of useful and timely material intended to help you answer those nagging questions about Masonry. These resources contain educations, podcasts, protocol & etiquette guides, plus some of our older community-building materials and newsletters.

The Grand Lodge Web Site

The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, rebuilt in early 2012, offers a wide range of resources online. These include many of the resources below, but also a cable-load more. This includes the schedule for Lodges of Instruction and The Cornerstone Project. Have a look!


London West District Web Site

Protocol & Etiquette Essentials

A collection of brief notes on proper behaviour in the Lodge. Helps us remember our floor work, when to sign (and how) and other corrections for bad habits that creep into our work over time. Issued by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.


Index of P&E Topics by Issue Number

P&E Essentials, Iss. 1
P&E Essentials, Iss. 2
P&E Essentials, Iss. 3
P&E Essentials, Iss. 4
P&E Essentials, Iss. 5
P&E Essentials, Iss. 6
P&E Essentials, Iss. 7 (Rev 1)
P&E Essentials, Iss. 8
P&E Essentials, Iss. 9
P&E Essentials, Iss. 10
Topics: Pronunciation guide, Masonic toasts
P&E Essentials, Iss. 11
Topics: Addressing & saluting the WM
P&E Essentials, Iss. 12
Topics: Dress codes, gloves
P&E Essentials, Iss. 13
Topics: Masonic memorial services
P&E Essentials, Iss. 14
Topics: Committee of General Purpose (CoGP, GP)
P&E Essentials, Iss. 15
Topics: The efficient meeting, motions protocol
P&E Essentials, Iss. 17
Topics: The Grand Honors, Deacons, Addressing the East & Head Tables
P&E Essentials, Iss. 18
Topics: Election of Lodge Officers
P&E Essentials, Iss. 19
Topics: Banquet hall protocol, part 1
P&E Essentials, Iss. 20
Topics: Banquet hall protocol, part 2
P&E Essentials, Iss. 21 (Rev 1)
Topics: The Grand Honors
P&E Essentials, Iss. 22
Topics: Memorials, draping the warrant, altar items
P&E Essentials, Iss. 23
Topics: Pins, medals and collars.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 24A
Topics: DDGM Official Visit protocols. Ammended Feb. 2014.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 25
Topics: Q&A Booklet exerpts, Step-up Night, addressing dignitaries in Lodge, saluting protocols.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 26
Topics: The Committee of Inquriy
P&E Essentials, Iss. 27
Topics: The Director of Ceremonies
P&E Essentials, Iss. 28
Topics: William Mercer Wilson Medal & GM's Meritorius Service Award
P&E Essentials, Iss. 29
Topics: Visiting Other Lodges and Conducting (or Undergoing) a Board of Trial.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 30
Topics: The Lodge Director of Ceremonies and his badge of office. Importance of Section 223 of the Constitution with respect to lodge elections.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 31
Topics: The Masonic Memorial Services, wherein we offer "the last tribute of our affections" to a deceased brother.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 32
Topics: This Issue focuses upon the applicable Dress Code guidelines for various Masonic events.
P&E Essentials,Extra - The Installation Ceremony
Topics: The Installation Ceremony - Suggestions and Reminders.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 33
Topics: The protocols associated with our Past Masters are addressed in this document.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 34
Topics: This Issue attempts to highlight when humour may be appropriate during a lodge meeting and when it is not.
P&E Essentials, Iss. 35
Topics: This Issue highlights some of the common mistakes in protocol which occur in our lodge rooms.
P&E Essentials - The Installation Ceremony Ritual, Protocol, Tips and Reminders
Topics: The Installation Ceremony - Suggestions and Reminders.


Grand Lodge Officers - Order of Introduction
P&E Essentials, Extra - Receiving GL Officials & Banquets - Feb. 2014 Update.

Each issue includes an excellent pronunciation guides for some of the more unusual words in our work. To hear a definitive pronunciation of these words and many others, visit


Education Monthly

In the fall of 2011, the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario began a new education program. The PDF docuements below are the result.


The Lodge Resources Program

The successor to the Brother 2 Brother Facilifacts program, this continues on the theme of providing useful information and guidelines for retention of existing members and the gainful incorporation of new Brothers.





Brother 2 Brother Facilifacts:

A collection of timely and useful masonic Brother 2 Brother news, events and information.




Misc. Resources

An introduction to Masonic Symbolism.

Confused by all the acronyms in Masonry?. Here's a glossary.

What date is it anyway? A list of Masonic calendars.

Looking for Lodges in Ontario to visit?

Ontario Mason Magazine.

The 21st Century Freemason - News and Views


Masonic Educations - Audio Format

The Digital Freemason site based in Calgary offers an extensive collection of masonic educations in audio format (MP3).

Click a link below to connect to their collection and start listening to this excellent resource.

Text versions of these educations are also available.